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Check out all these great cow cuddling photos from all over the world.


1. Kids and cows are always a great combination - Thank you Heidi Howard Baker. 

Aldermere Farm 8

2. Whispering sweet nothings - at Aldermere Farm. Rockport ME USA.

Aldermere Farm 5

3. All good cuddles should finish with a kiss - at Aldermere Farm. Rockport ME USA.

Royal Riverside Farm

Royal Riverside Farm - This family specialises in Dairy Cattle and Show Pigs.

Madsion and Sassy A

Madison and Sassy at the Royal.

Madison and Dallas and Sassy2a

Madison, Sassy and the cutest little puppy. Thank you to Karen McCullough at Main Aim Ranch Allerton... and they say you shouldn't work with kids or animals. Beautiful photo!

cow cuddle 2

Now we think this photo adds new meaning to the word 'Contentment'.

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We know we aren't the only people who know about cow cuddling. There are people all over the world who enjoy the pleasure of just being with a cow. If you have some great cow cuddling photos please send then our way.

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