Chantal Poulin Durocher

Chantal P. Durocher, is a Canadian professional artist for 30 years, studied at the College of Old Montreal and Mission renaissance Fine Art Institute in Montreal.

Chantal uses her talent to raise awareness about the plight of today's farm animals, by painting the beauty and vulnerability of those beautiful and sensitive beings.
"I paint animals we exploit, in a way we cannot walk away from them. They are fully there, fully conscious, fully aware."

The Artist's Dearest Wish

"May all beings be well, free and happy." 

We hope you enjoy Chantal's work as much as we do.

cow art1-draft

"Miss my Mom". You can never be quite sure what a calf is thinking. 

1-calf miss my mom

Does that single tear simply make your heart ache and ache?

1-calf miss mom

Have you ever wished you could wipe away the tears shed by a calf?


Yes, we know it is not a cow - but how could we resist that face?! 


This is for everyone who loved the iconic Australian movie 'Babe'. 

You can see more of Chantal's work on her website.

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