Attention All Artists

When people think of cows they are usually thinking about dairy cows. So, most cow art we see depicts the typical black and white Holstein dairy cows or the caramel coloured Guernsey cows. Most people have never seen a cuddle cow. We would like you to help us remedy that.

Rebecca Herman Lowe does all the Cuddle Cow illustrations on our website. Rebecca is a talented artist and photographer. She studied at Columbus College of Art and now lives in Detroit Michigan with her four beautiful children. Rebecca spent many months fine tuning her illustrations for our Cuddle Cow website. We love her work and we hope you do too. We'd love it even more if Rebecca's great artwork inspired you to do some artwork of your own.

It's Time For Cuddle Cow Art

Right now, we would like some of the other wonderful artists out there to try their hand at some Cuddle Cow art. You can paint or draw, use whatever medium you like ... the choice is yours.

When you are 100% happy with your work we would love you to send us a copy. Email a photograph to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If this website inspires you at all, we would love you send some Cuddle Cow artwork to us. We can't wait to see our first painting of a Cuddle Cow.

If you need further inspiration and would like to see lots of photographs of our real live Cuddle Cows in their paddocks go to: Website 1  Website 2   Website 3

Some Cow Art

Some artists who love to paint cows.

Giselle Lüske - the Australian artist that paints cows that have something to say.

Dianne Whitehead - the artist with the brush that loves cows.

Roz Young - the artist that paints drunken cows.



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