Types of Bullies

Bullies come is all shapes and sizes and many disguises. It may help to understand something about the people you are dealing with if you know something about what sort of bully they are.

Narcissistic Bully

c red This person is someone who lacks empathy for others and has no anxiety about the consequences of his or her actions. Narcissism often is based upon putting people down, and this is no exception.

Impulsive Bully

c orangThis person is a bully who does not plan out bullying acts, rather he or she acts impulsively based on circumstances. This type of bully often is impulsive and has a hard time controlling his or her behavior. The bullying may also be unintentional, and result in feelings of remorse, or concern for the target.

Secondary Bully

c yellowThis person is a bully who does not typically start a bullying episode, but "jumps on the bandwagon." This may be the weaker person in a strong dynamic relationship, someone who does not want to be bullied, or someone impulsive in their behavior. Often a secondary bully is attempting to avoid being bullied themselves. Read more

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