Peace & Good Behaviour

You have the right to peace and quiet, undisturbed by threats to your wellbeing or your quality of life. In Queensland if someone has threatened to assault or do you bodily harm, you can apply for protection under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act. If the threat is real and you are genuinely fearful, go to your nearest Magistrates Court and pick up an application. 

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Definition of Assault

People generally have their own view about what an assault is. However, the Queensland Criminal Code defines “assault” in somewhat wider terms.

Assault is defined to mean the act of striking, touching, moving, or otherwise applying force of any kind, to the person of another, without the person’s consent, or if the consent is obtained by fraud. The force can be applied directly or indirectly.

An assault is also committed where a person, by any bodily act or gesture, attempts or threatens to apply force of any kind to another person, under such circumstances that the person making the attempt or the threat has actually or apparently a present ability to carry out the attempt or the threat.

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