Bullying is BS - STAMP IT OUT

Bullying is a problem for younger children, teenagers and adults alike. In fact, it is a problem faced by way too many people today. The electronic media has only made it easier for bullies to operate. Our STAMP IT OUT campaign aims to use the electronic media to help people deal with bullies more effectively.

Bullying STAMP IT OUT 100

No one wins when bullies can run amok. We are hoping websites like this one and our facebook page will help people, young and old, to deal with the bullies in their lives.

We hope that this website will help to STAMP IT OUT altogether. download choice

Cuddles Says Bullying is just BS

Cuddles purple RCuddles isn't the herd leader; she is the quiet calm cow that herd members go to for advice. Cuddles is the cow that holds the herd wisdom. If you were to ask Cuddles about bullying she would tell you that she believes that bullying is just plain old bull sh#t (BS).  

 c red ... And she should know - cows know quite a bit about  BS … and cow sh#t and calf sh#t for that matter. Their paddocks are full of it. Yes, she is talking about manure ... and she is talking about bullying.

Cuddles Explains BS & Bullying

All calves learn from a very young age that bullying is 'not on'. For bull calves, in particular, it is very important that they grow up knowing that real bulls can not be bullies - no way.  

c yellow Cows all pretty much agree that the BS that comes with bullying is a bit like real bull sh#t (manure)It stinks - that is for sure! BUT it is just a matter of how you look at it and how you deal with it  Read more

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