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After months of research, we concluded that some of the best material currently available to help anyone and everyone with the issue of bullying has been written by the team responsible for the Victorian Department of Education program Bully Stoppers.

We have provided some of their wonderful pdf downloads here for your convenience. Go to the bottom of this page or find them in the Bully Help Centre Menu.

Victorian Schools Bully Stoppers

Bullying is a serious issue for everyone in a school community. We know that it can happen anywhere, anytime, and can have devastating consequences. Any child can be bullied.

Bully Stoppers supports parents, teachers and principals in working together to make sure schools are safe and supportive places, where everyone is empowered to help reduce the incidence of bullying in all Victorian schools.

These practical advice sheets aim to help the school community deal with bullying online and offline. 

The sheets provided here are from the Victorian Department of Education program Bully Stoppers. We believe they are just as relevant to all parents, students and teachers Australia-wide.

The sheets feature information from experts in the field, including internet safety consultant, Robyn Treyvaud, clinical psychologist, Andrew Fuller and cyber safety expert Susan McLean.

Many of the advice sheets are written specifically for primary aged or secondary aged students.

We have found these sheets to be extremely helpful - we hope you do too.

c purple Dealing with a Bully           c lgreneBullying Hurts

   * I am Not a Bully                            Being Left Out

   * I am Not a Victim                        c lgrene Homophobic Bullying

 c purple Cyber Bullying                                * Emotional Intelligence 

   * Netiquette  


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