Recognise Yourself As a Bully?

Am I a bully? Do you recognise yourself as a bully? Most bullies have, in fact, been the victims of bullying in the first place.

Not a Valid Excuse

Bad experiences from the past are not valid excuses for subsequent bad behaviour.

c red Nevertheless, such experiences are often the causes of bad behaviour.

Understanding & Change

Understanding the cause of one’s own bullying behaviour is the beginning of change. If an honest personal assessment tells you that you need to adjust the way you treat others, now is the time to discover the joys of a cruelty-free life.

c orang Read everything you can find about the causes and consequences of bullying.

c orang Talk to someone about it.

Get Help

 Talk to your General Practitioner (GP). Ask your GP to help you obtain therapy, if necessary.

c yellow You will be giving yourself and your children a real chance for happiness and future success.

Want To Know More?

 For further information about bullying, click on the links on this page.

c lgrene You may also wish to explore the web pages and publications cited in the list below:


Helpful Websites

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Life After Adult Bullying

Overcome Bullying (U.S. Website)



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