The Real Life Cuddle Cows

Real life in the paddocks is not quite as clean and colourful as the illustrations. But there is always a lot of fun and games happening in our paddocks on a daily basis. 

At Home on the Farm in Australia

Featured below is footage of how life with the Cuddle Cows is in their home paddocks in real life. They are gorgeous looking, very docile, kind and very loving cattle.

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Dusty loves her calf TwoDee with all her heart. She still grooms her nearly every day, even though Dusty now has a new calf and TwoDee is over two years old. 

If you look closely at the end of the video you will notice that mother and daughter not only have matching black splashes on their shoulders, they also have almost identical spots on the fronts of their legs.

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TwoDee loves being brushed and cuddled. She is, in fact,  resting her head on the Cuddle Cow Carer's neck. Don't try this at home with just any cow (it may result in a broken neck).

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The Totally Wild Team from Channel Ten came to the Cuddle Cow farm - they thought the cows were totally tame. And the cows are even more so now!

If you want to go to the GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud's youtube2a channel to see all the video footage go to: youtube2a

If you would like to learn more about Miniature White Galloway cattle, go to our GOLD CREEK website or our Miniature Cattle website for more cattle information in general.

Illustrated Cuddle Cows

Based on fact, our fictional stories tell of our daily interactions with the cattle, (but we have exercised a little poetic license in some of our fictional stories).

The illustrations on this website are the work of the very talented Rebecca Lowe. Rebecca thoroughly enjoys every minute of bringing these cheeky characters to life and sharing her artwork with you. Her illustrations are a shared interpretation of the stories we write. 

cuddle cow girl

There is nearly always someone in a paddock somewhere getting a cuddle. 

 In-the-creek 600

The cattle do love to get into creeks and dams to cool off on really steamy days.

Cuddle Cows - Fact & Fiction

All of the Cuddle Cow stories, articles and information on this website are based on our real life experiences with our Miniature White Galloway cattle at GOLD CREEK Stud in Queensland originally. Now the Cuddle Cow herd grazes peacefully near the heritage listed town of Braidwood, in southern New South Wales, Australia.

The cattle and the stories about them are real - you can see our cattle here.youtube2a For more background information about our real miniature cattle click here..

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