Owning Cattle is a Commitment

c orang If you own cattle you are responsible for them. Having cattle as paddock pets is a commitment. Cattle should always have access to clean water, fresh pasture and protection from the elements. If you can't provide these vital requirements then you shouldn't own cattle.

The Basics

c yellow Cattle can't just be left to fend for themselves in a confined space. If cattle are left in one small paddock and the water gets dirty and the pasture fouled or there is no shade in the middle of the day, the cattle will not stay healthy or happy. So, if cattle are in a confined space it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the space clean and fresh or to move the cattle into a fresh paddock regularly.

Cattle need to be able to escape the heat in the middle of the day. They need access to shade always - especially in countries like Australia where we experience blisteringly hot Summers.


"Cows trained to make people's lives better are cows living better lives."

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