Cattle Need Us to Be Kind to Them

Cattle depend on people to be kind to them. Cattle don't really have any choice  - they were born domestic animals in a world with private properties and fences. Cattle can't just roam freely anymore like they once did - people own them. They can't leave home and look after themselves.

c orang Cattle have no choice but to depend on us for food, water and shelter. So it is really important that people treat cattle with kindness.

Kindness to Cows is Only Fair

Cows give us milk, meat and many other less obvious products like leather, bone and fertilizer. When you look at the cold hard facts, cattle give us their lives and the lives of their offspring. In return, it seems only fair that we treat them well while we have them. Treating cattle well means not hurting them or subjecting them to unnecessary painful, terrifying or cruel treatment. 

c yellow You can always tell whether a cow has been treated with kindness by the way the cow behaves around people. If cattle don't trust people there is usually a very good reason why they don't. It is usually a good indicator that the cattle have been subjected to cruel or unkind treatment.

Acceptable Treatment of Cattle

Lets have a look at what we as a society deem as acceptable treament of cattle.

c lgrene For cows to provide us with milk they must remain lactating for the majority of their life. This is not a natural state of being for cows. Cows lactate to feed their calves. The pursuit of higher profit margins puts pressure on the dairy industry to squeeze every drop of milk from every cow for human consumption. The calves that dairy cows have are taken away from them hours after they are born. Most calves are shipped off for slaughter for veal.

"Cows making lives better and living better lives."

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