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We have a very close bond with the cattle in our Cuddle Cow herd, we spend a lot of time with the herd and watching the herd. The first time we had two females on our property that were not ours, I witnessed an interesting exchange. The exchange was between one of our cows and one of the visiting cows.

Dusty & Daylight

The two visiting females (one cow and one heifer), were here to be joined with our bull. The visiting females were in the paddocks nearest our home, with our bull. The rest of our own herd was being kept deliberately well away from the visitors, in a totally separate area of the property.

Over the weeks our own herd moved through several paddocks and were getting closer and closer to home paddocks where the visiting cattle were grazing. On this day, our own herd had just come into the paddock adjoining the visiting cows for the very first time. I was making sure everyone was where they should be and that there wasn't any power play or kerfuffle at the fence line.

I was checking what all the calves were up to when I saw an intriguing exchange between two cows at the fence line. One cow was ours, the other one of the visiting cows.

Dusty, one of our cows had walked right up to the adjoining fence line and was standing looking at Daylight, one of the visiting females. Dusty stood looking and looking. Eventually, Daylight, the visitor Dusty was looking at, looked up. Daylight looked over to our cow Dusty (who was now really staring at her.) Daylight did what appeared to be a double take and then looked straight back at our cow Dusty, the cow that was staring at her. Read more...


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