The Adventures of Hamish & Andy

Hamish and Andy are two little white Cuddle Calves (Miniature White Galloway steers). They have a new home at the Murarrie State School with the students and teaching staff. They also have some other animals for company. 

You can follow all the adventures of Hamish and Andy on this page.

two steers 6

Hamish and Andy are half brothers - full blood Miniature White Galloway steers.

How It Started

At the beginning of year, the teaching staff from the Murarrie State School in Brisbane, contacted our GOLD CREEK Galloway stud because they were interested in finding out everything they could about miniature cattle. There were emails going back and forth for several weeks. Finally, a stud visit was organised for the teaching staff in April.

Stud Visit

The teachers and the Cuddle Cow Carers spent quite a bit of time in the paddocks talking about the cattle and giving them all a brush and a love up. Everyone had lots of questions and we all enjoyed a laugh watching the antics of the calves.

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Some of the younger calves were playing with each other and having fun. Hamish and Andy are in the background too busy eating to play.

No big decisions were made on the day. We all went away to think it through. Putting two Cuddle Calves into a State Primary School was something no-one had ever done before.

Everybody is Getting Ready

Quite a few weeks passed before everyone worked out what to do and how to do it. Then, two special little white Cuddle Calves were chosen to go to the school a month later.

On the Cuddle Cow Farm during that month some extra care was taken making sure the calves were ready to 'start school'. The first things they needed were some new halters and leads. The kids at Murarrie sent them their very own new halters and leads. So, we put the new halters on first just to let the little steers get used to wearing them while they enjoyed a nice treat.

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Some nice barley hay made wearing the new halters a 'good thing' for the two steers. This meant that they were always happy to have them put on.

Once the little steers got used to the halters being put on we then moved to the next step - the business of teaching them to 'walk on' and to 'stand' when asked. It was important that they were easy to handle when they started their new lives in at the school.

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Alana busy training Andy to 'walk on' and 'stand' on the lead. Banjo the 'baby bull' is trying to butt in - he knows there are treats in the white bowl.

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Hamish & Andy love their new halters and leads that the kids sent them. Enjoying a treat and a brush at the end of training - Hamish in green and Andy in blue. 

Down in Brisbane some very excited teachers and students started work on building and preparing pens and stables for the new arrivals. Hamish and Andy didn't even have their new names at this time. The students and the teachers all had their thinking caps on - a very big decision.

Hamish & Andy Arrive

It seemed like it was going to take forever, all the kids who were so excited. The teachers were waiting, waiting and still waiting patiently. Finally, the day that Hamish & Andy were to be delivered came. The kids lined the fences as the trailer was backed up to the new cattle yard - finally the little white, fluffy boys walked off.

hamish andy arrive

The students at Murarrie lining the fences to see Hamish & Andy for the first time.

The first thing Hamish and Andy did was head straight for their new night enclosure. A whole big tennis court had been lined with mulch especially for them. They thought it was all hay and ran in to check it out. It didn't take long to work out this wasn't food, then they raised their heads for the first time to see where they were.


The two Miniature White Galloway steers sniffing all the mulch in their new enclosure.

From inside the tennis court, the two little boys were a little bit puzzled by all the wriggly bright orange shirts they could see. They had never seen so many children before. The students were being ever so quiet so that their two new friends wouldn't be frightened, but Hamish and Andy didn't quite know what to make of them.

The teachers and the Cuddle Cow Carers spent some time talking with the students about Hamish and Andy. They talked about food and training and whether or not Hamish and Andy could have a calf! When the Cuddle Cow Carers were ready to leave they gave some of the kids their very own Huggie and Banjo Cuddle Cow mascots. It was a big day for everyone and very exciting.

kids h  banjo

Hamish and Andy were a big hit with the students and some extra lucky kids got a Huggie or a Banjo mascot too.

Hamish & Andy Videos

Hamish and Andy have settled in now and lots of students spend time with them every day. Jett talking to Jayde Martin about how Hamish and Andy love him now.

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Jett talking to Jayde Martin about how Hamish and Andy love him now.

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Matilda and Leelah are doing a drawing of Hamish and Andy.

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Hayden likes patting Hamish and Andy and Sophia likes how they walk.

Hamish & Andy On YouTube

Hamish and Andy have very, very busy lives at Mururrie State School. If you would like to see all the Hamish and Andy videos they have their very own Hamish & Andy playlist on the GOLD CREEK youtube Channel.

MEET Huggie

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MEET Banjo


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