Huggie Travel Log

The little Huggie Cuddle Calf mascots are finding themselves in interesting places all over Australia. We will keep the photos coming as the little mascots head off on their new adventures and arrive in their new homes.

On the Gold Coast

Yasmin 2

Yasmin on the Gold Coast.

Huggie in New South Wales

Our little Huggie mascots are finding friends further south now too. South of Sydney life is very busy for this little Huggie. She can find herself going for a walk, enjoying a spot of morning tea, getting lots of hugs and cuddling up with a friend for a nap. Life is good for this little one!

              Huggie mahli a

Hard to say who is the most pleased with themselves! Huggie going for a walk.

Mahli huggie 4

Let me see now... how many sugars did you say you wanted in your tea?

huggie mahli l

There, there Huggie I know you are worn out - let me put you down for a sleep. 

angel and huggie

Z zzzzz.. Did I mention that I might be just a little bit tired too? Only a little bit but.

Huggie in Western Australia

It took Huggie few extra days to get all the way to Osbourne Park in WA. But she got quite the welcoming committee when she got there. Holly was happy to sit with her on the lounge chair, but the other King Charles Spaniel kept trying to run off with her! Fliss is going to try for a photo of Huggie with the two dogs - she doesn't like her chances

Holly Huggie

Huggie and Holly bonding on the lounge in Osbourne Park Western Australia.

MEET Huggie

Kissit 2

MEET Matilda


MEET Banjo


SHOP Huggie

     Huggie no bg



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