Banjo Travel Log

Banjo, our little Cuddle Calf mascots are finding themselves in interesting places all over Australia. We will keep the photos coming as all the little mascots head off on their new adventures. The best news is that they are a talking point.

On the Gold Coast

Matty 2

Matty on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Banjo is South of Sydney

Little Banjo went by post to a not so little place south of Sydney. He is now the favourite thing of one very beautiful, blue eyed little boy.

Banjo south Sydney

Banjo and his new friend - Night night we are going to have a little sleep now.

You Never Know

Gus, the older of our two Cocker Spaniels has decided that he is going to have a Banjo mascot all for himself - right or wrong. He had to stretch up pretty high to get this one down off the desk, but he somehow managed it. We found him in his bed with his new friend, all tucked in nice and snug. According to Gus everything small and fluffy that comes into our house has his name on it. Dogs! Between them and the cows there is always something here to keep us amused.

gus banjo

Gus and Banjo relaxing on the day bed - Gus procured this little mascot for himself.

 Please send your photos in too - we all enjoy a good laugh.

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Kissit 2

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