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Hope – Journal 1

GOLD CREEK Hope was born on the 17th November. Her ‘Mum’ Cuddles is a magnificent Full Blood Miniature White Galloway cow. Hope is her first full blood calf. Cuddles is a very confident cow with a rather laid back sweet personality. She started what we call the ‘maternity march’ late in the afternoon of the 17th and within 40 minutes she had lay down, had her calf and was back up eating grass while Hope had her first feed of milk.

Nemo, Hope’s ‘Dad’ is a beautiful Full Blood Miniature White Galloway too. He is small and sweet, which is just how we like our bulls – small with a gentle personality.

hope journal

Hope at two weeks old trying out the fluffy parts on some sedge grass. Notice her tongue is black with pink underneath.

When the calves are only weeks old they spend their days sleeping, eating and testing out everything they find in the paddock. They take their cues from the older calves and the bull. The cows are usually too busy eating for two (if not three, if they go straight back into calf) to have any time to show the calves too much attention past feeding and grooming them.

Having calves of all different ages in the paddocks is always a joy and really interesting to watch. The older calves teach the younger calves where to go and what to do … or the calves watch the bull to see what he is eating. When the bull isn’t ‘working’ he has plenty of time for the calves. Nemo can often be found laying somewhere in the shade with a handful of calves surrounding him.

The calves are always curious about the camera. So getting a photo can be difficult because they just want to get their tongue onto anything that looks remotely unusual. Read more...

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