Huggie – Journal 1

­­­­­Huggie has been the cutest, sweetest natured little calf from the day she was born. With a Mum named Cuddles how could Huggie be anything else but sweet? One of the other reasons that Huggie is so special and sweet is because of her Dad Dougal.

Huggie's Mum Cuddles

Cuddles has the cleanest, whitest coat of any of our cows. We are convinced that she has a picnic blanket hidden somewhere. We think she must lay it out on the ground before she lays down. There is never any dirt or muck on her coat. It is looking like Huggie might be the same.


Cuddles giving little Huggie some encouragement to drink lots of milk.

Huggie's Dad Dougal

Huggie's Dad Dougal is one of the reasons we have such docile cattle. When Dougal was born on the Cuddle Cow farm, the Carers had no idea a bull could be soooo precious. Like most other people, we had grown up thinking that bulls were ferocious and wild and not to be messed with - big or small.

Dougal was smaller than any calf we had ever seen and he was such a glutton for attention. He would let us come right up to him in the paddock. He loved to be petted and brushed. Dougal would let us do anything to him. If he saw his Mum being brushed he would come over and lean his head in our lap. He was such a little cuddler!

As new herd members arrived one by one, they took their lead from Dougal. When they saw him being brushed and petted they lined up for their turn. Pretty soon we would always take two brushes into the paddocks - one in each hand.

dougla baby

Huggie's Dad as a calf. He would go to sleep with his head in our lap if we let him. 

As Dougal grew up we watched and waited for him to turn into a big scary bull - he didn't. 

So, even though Dougal wasn't a full blood registered stud bull, we decided to keep him as a bull and let him join with our full blood cows. (Full blood means cows you can register and enter into the show ring).

Cuddles was the very first full blood cow to join with Dougal. Huggie was the first born 'baby girl' (heifer calf) of Cuddles and Dougal.

Huggie's Brothers & Sisters

From the moment Huggie was born we knew we had something special going on. As her brothers and sisters were born it became very clear they were all going to be extra sweet ...

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