Huggie's Birth Day

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Huggie is the sweetest, sweetest little heifer calf. Her 'Mum' Cuddles had her on a clear sunny day in July (Winter). One minute Cuddles was eating grass and the next minute she lay down on the ground and gave birth to little Huggie. No fuss, no problems.

Little Huggie got straight up on her wobbly wet legs and had her first big long drink. Cuddles gave her little girl a lot of warm licks to get her clean and keep her warm. Then Huggie lay down and Cuddles just went straight back to munching grass.


Cuddles looks sunken in the tummy and Huggie is having her second feed.

Huggie curled up in the sun and had the longest sleep - she had already discovered that life on the outside can be exhausting.

Life became a matter of feeding and sleeping, sleeping and feeding for Huggie after that. Cuddles' job was to eat for two - she needed to eat enough so that she stayed healthy and she had plenty of milk for Huggie.

Huggie bubba feeding

A week or so later and Cuddles is looking good and Huggie is powering along.

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